Community Agenda

Prosper Lincoln is bringing together people from across our community to make our city even better.

Using the findings from Lincoln Vital Signs as a starting point, community-wide discussions were held
to help set priorities and establish a community agenda for positive change.

The Prosper Lincoln Engagement Team invited representatives from all sectors of our city – businesses, nonprofit organizations, neighborhoods, government, faith communities, philanthropies and individuals – to answer, “What should our community do to ensure youth are successful, our economy grows and our community is strong and vibrant?”

More than 2,100 ideas were gathered and synthesized by the University of Nebraska Public Policy Center. Then the Prosper Lincoln Steering Committee used this information to engage Work Groups in setting goals and objectives for the three determined community agenda items:

Early Childhood

Nurture every child on the path to success.
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Employment Skills

Provide opportunities for people to realize career aspirations.
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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Create a vibrant culture of innovation.
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Prosper Lincoln has an action-packed strategic plan to Lift Lincoln Higher by year 2020.
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Now Prosper Lincoln is inviting YOU to Lift Lincoln Higher – be inspired to take action and move the agenda forward. It is because of people like you, that our community will truly prosper.